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Owen Wilson so hot right now!

i come bareing great news! Owen Wilson’s lastest movie is soon to hit the cinema… it is to be released in the very near future…. the title? why is it the follow-on to the successful 2000 release ‘Shanghi Noon’. Yep thats right, ‘Shanghi Knights’ co-stared with Jackie Chan is soon to hit cinemas… nice!

Anyway, back to the original purpose of this post.

Is it just me or does everyone else get thrown into a wrestling mood after reading the NEW wrestling column? i mean it was long… sure, but i was captivated all the way through. Amazingly written, brilliently researched… just generally all-round great.

As normal on a tuesday morning at work, i take time to read up on the latest happenings in the wrestling world by reading the live coverage of the WWE RAW report. I must say, it WAS better than last weeks, however, last weeks RAW was easily the worse RAW of the year… but this weeks RAW lacked any real interest. i mean i did chuckle apon reading ‘last week must’ve left a bad taste in your mouth… but i’m sure your quite used to that’! (classic) but that was about it… We all look forward to a stunning Smackdown! this week… main event is set to be Rikishi vs Brock Lesnar… pass!

However, i was reading a wrestling column, by the execelent Blake Norton over on 411wrestling, on the topic of how much of a dick HHH is… i think its worth a read.

Return soon.


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