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Islamic Awareness Week

Man, I’m pretty worn out from school. I got a week long holiday starting next Monday and it cant come soon enough.

Next Friday I’m filming a documentary for my Public Relations class on the clubbing and pubbing habits of 18-25 year olds in Perth. This involves driving from Cottesloe to Subiaco to Northbridge, drinking at every venue, interviewing some punk kids and filming the whole experience. I’m doing my assignment with Abbie and Amy, two girls who seem to joined at the hip. Same primary school, same high school, same course at university etc. Abbie has a sexy hoarse voice. Like Marge.

I had to laugh at a party invitation I got in my mail today. It’s from one of Dan’s mates. He’s having a dress-up themed party on the weekend. Now, Pat can back me up on this: Dan’s friends all dress like goths, witches and stuff at regular parties!

The day before I got an invitation from Matt to organize a New Years party. Gets earlier every year.

For long time readers of the site, back in the day when it was called The FAT Website, you’ll know 2001 was sort of our glory days for parties. So I had a good long chat to Matt and we’re going to try and channel the spirit of June 2001 and have a New Year Toga Party as a last hurrah.

This weekend, Polly and I are going to Amplifier to check out hot girls. Polly really shouldn’t do this. She’s got a boyfriend.

I’ll leave off with The FAT Website drinking game:

– get some shots of tequilla ready.
– go to this blog page and read any posts by TFW members (myself, Pat, Dan, Rod, Mike, Matt)
– take a shot every time I mention Polly
– take a shot every time Mike mentions Erin or having no money
– take a shot every time Matt mentions wrestling
– take a shot every time Pat mentions snow boarding or his car
– take a shot every time Rod mentions John
– take a shot every time Dan romanticizes alcohol

You should now be very drunk.

To enhance the experience, you can wear the Edo Mask which can be found further down this page.

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