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A Tale of Two Work Trips

Not unlike what Mike would’ve done this weekend, I’ll also be packing my bags tonight as I’m travelling out of town for a few days for work.

Mike is currently kicking it in L.A, watching Cirque De Soleil for free, eating at the In & Out Burger and hanging out with underage chicks at Hot Topic.

Mike's travel destination

I, however, am not going to Los Angeles.  I’m going to Melbourne where its forecast to be 4°c, cloudy with a chance of rain.

My travel destination

Mike will spend the next couple of days at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo where he will get to see the latest unveiling of 3D display technology, motion capture cameras and get a preview of the biggest video games to be released for the rest of 2010.  He will spend his days surrounded by booth babes and Z-grade celebrities.  After he’s done working, theres this $6 million dollar party that Activision are throwing where Lady Gaga is rumoured to be performing.

Mike's work environment for the next few days

Artist's impressions of Mike at the Microsoft booth tomorrow

I will be spending a two day workshop planning a brand integration project we are doing in July with my colleagues.  It’ll be highly intensive and we’ll be working against a tight deadline.

Artist's impressions of my two day workshop

After we’re done working, we’ll go to the pub.

Mike, basically this post is to let you know that you suck and I’m super jealous of your ridiculous job :p

Thank you and good night.

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