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American Fisting

I was reading back over the last couple of weeks updates, and felt the need to comment and thus warn readers about paying to watch ‘American Wedding’.

You must NOT under any circumstances watch this movie… i laughed twice throughout the entire film. thats right twice! the first time was went they made fun of the whole “here’s to the next step” thing, and the second time was so unimportant that i can remember it. This movie seriously bombs. The writers have moved Stiffler into a co-lead role which his character does not have enough depth to sustain… it is an appauling proformance where the management are depending on the 13 year old early-teen humour of laughing at swear words.

Jim: Hey Stiffler, your not invited to my wedding
Stiffler: Fucking Shit how can you not invite me? Ass Cock
Jim: cause i dont like you.
Stiffler: Ass Dick Lick my balls Fuckface.

Warning… angry post

This is possibly the most terrible script ever! i know i said that about Daredevil too… but this utter tripe of a movie rapidly surpasses it.

I went to watch this movie with my girlfriend and she was enjoying it (being a large teen movie fan), so she decided to call me the grinch… this maybe so, but its still a fucking terrible movie. (rating: 1/4* – thats only because of the “here’s to the next step” thing.

Speaking of my girlfriend, another reason why i’m in a foul mood today is because whilst i’m here stuck in brunei with not a friend in sight, my girlfriend is in a large field in england in a place called Reading, seeing many many bands and camping with her friends… fuck. I WANNA SEE SYSTEM OF A DOWN AND A.F.I!!! ME! not HER!! dammit! so much frustration! stoopid brunei and its lack of my friends.. i think it is only fair that everyone who writes on this site drop what there doing and get the next plane to brunei to cheer me up and keep me company… DO IT NOW!


Posted by Matt @ 06:26 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

less boring you are very true… It is quite an enticing offer. i’ll ponder it for a while and get back to you.

Posted by Matt @ 08/23/2003 10:17 AM AST

Are any of these bands coming to Perth?

Posted by Edo @ 08/23/2003 09:57 AM AST

Hey Matt. Why dont you come down here to Melbourne. we are about to move into a 3 bedroom house (well two after mike sent up all his sound equipment in the master bedroom) Jassa is comming soon and we are to see the ataris (can notspell) Goldfinger Less than Jake and others that are comming in september and october. it would be less boring yes.

Posted by Erin (your brothers girl) @ 08/23/2003 07:38 AM AST

I found Stiffler’s character pretty funny. I mean his casual swearing and blank facial expression etc.

What I didn’t laugh at, but can appreciate is what brings most of the audience in, is the poo eating and dog fucking.

Posted by Edo @ 08/22/2003 11:46 PM AST

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