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Who would’ve thought?

When Eric invited me to go up to KB to smoke dope i wasnt quite sure how frequently… so i immediatly answered ‘Fuck yea!’.

On arriving to KB after 3 hours sitting on a shitty bus floor, oliver and myself got off to be met by Eric. He walked us into his house and proceeded to take out 4 freshly role joints…. i thought to myself, good start. After a ridculous 10 hours of solid smoking we finally crashed nicely in his bedroom. This however was not an incident free evening. During the day, Duncan (who lives 2 mins from Eric), came around and though he insisted that he was going to pass on the grass, decided that it was ok however to drink a fucking freakishly amount. He was rather ill and stumbled home (with the help of Oli) in the early evening. We were soon confronted by Duncans dad demanding to speak to eric and from then it got worse as we found out that Duncan was in a ‘one step away from hospital’ state… naturally, we were freaked as shit. The only thing to do then was…. yup, Sit and smoke up some more.

But all was ok in the end. Duncan called up in the morning to appologise for his drunkeness and for his dads immense over-reaction.

It was a good night, but it was one of those nights that was a load of fun but nothing really awesome sticks out in your mind…

Bah! i’m up for it again next week!


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