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Easter Weekend In Stanthorpe

Jen and I spent the Easter weekend camping in Stanthorpe.

It’s a damn sight cooler in South Queensland and Stanthorpe is situated just above the border to New South Wales.  But the weather gods smiled upon us and we managed to avoid any of the storms that were in the forecast.  In fact, the weather was good enough on Saturday to allow us to do some hiking at the Pyramid Mountain in Girraween.

Stanthorpe itself is a great place to visit if you want a good pie.  Remember than burger blog a couple of weeks back where I was lamenting how hard it was to get a good pie in Australia?  Well, you can find them in Stanthorpe.  I had three.  A chicken and leek pie, a berry pie and an apple and rhubarb pie.  All three were amazing.  The town is no slouch for vineyards and cheese factories too.  In general, if you want good eating and drinking, you won’t go wrong heading to this neighbourhood.

It was a relaxing weekend and a perfect getaway from the city for a couple of days.


The campsite in Stanthorpe


Mount Pyramid in Girraween


Jen encounters one of the trademark giant boulders that are littered around the park


Our team reaches the summit of Mount Pyramid


It’s a pretty steep climb 😉


Nothing like a good campfire to relax around in the evening


Apple pie at Sutton’s Apple Farm


Apple and rhubarb pie at Sutton’s Apple Farm


Chicken and leek pie at Sutton’s Apple Farm


Berry Pie at The Bramble Patch


Overlooking the Girraween National Park


Cheese and wine tasting at the Severn Brae Estate. The sign out front said ‘Blessed Are The Cheesemakers’


Mostly we spent our time sitting around the fire and not doing much for 3 days. It was amazing.


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