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U.S Presidential Elections 2012: Live Blog





Donald Trump totally delivers on the bitter tears

Fox anchors are starting to turn on one another.  Karl Rove still reckons Romney is a chance and Megyn Kelly is just laughing at him



1.55  “Panic has set in at Fox News.  The news anchors are wondering around in a dazed stupour, touching screens.”

California and other West Coast votes coming in five.

Also, Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin has lost his seat!

1.36  Back from lunch and its looking good for Obama.

That’s without California’s 55 votes yet to come.  Ohio and Florida still remains a toss up.  I was switching between channels but now am sticking with Fox News for the meltdown.

People bailing at Romney HQ…

11.39  Meanwhile, in Germany…


11.30am  Goddamn, Florida is toying with us.  The lead has changed hands three times in the last thirty minutes.

Remember, if you’re on Twitter and want to see the Republican’s reaction to the election, check out GOP Tears:

Edit:  and on Tumblr

Also, there are some people that don’t give a shit about voting entirely.

But seriously Florida…don’t let us down.


Us elections carousel crop

11am  Florida is ridiculously close.  Obama up by 130k but less than a third of the votes counted.  After spending all the pre-show coverage bitching about p0lls, Fox News seems to be calling the results a lot quicker than the other news shows.  I’m guessing their heavily reliant on exit polls.

Obama picks up Illinois and is predicted to take Romney’s home state of Massachusetts.  #Awkward.

Virginia residents wait in line in the early hours to vote in the at Nottoway Park in Vienna, Virginia

10.30  Mitt picks up all the early votes and races out to a 30-3 lead.  Early days, no surprises so far.  Although Romney looks to pick up Indiana (11 votes) which voted for Obama in 2008.

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  1. The Republicans need a serious re-think after this loss – the fact they don’t relate to so many demographics including working women, latinos, blacks, gay and lesbians to name a few – its killing them. Plus these traditional conservative values just don’t stack up in today’s world. I can’t see them winning another election unless they re-brand the party.

    The fact they still got 48% / 49% is pretty staggering showing the support from the southern and centre states.

    They need new blood and new ideas – the old white guys in Washington aren’t going to cut the mustard in today and tomorrow’s america.

  2. Pretty much. They got 48% but its built from a base of white, old people. That number will continue to shrink and the Democrat’s base of young, ethnically diverse voters will continue to grow.

    There’s talk that Texas will become a genuine swing state by 2020 if the current projected population of Latinos remains on track.

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