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Rage Against The Machine for Christmas #1

I have to say, I’m a bit mystified by the 750,000-strong Facebook group encouraging people to buy Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name so it can be the UK Christmas #1 single.  The page encourages people to do so to ‘prevent another X-Factor artist from being #1 for Christmas’.

Maybe I’m over-thinking it but I seriously don’t get the point of this.  It’s not like you’re sticking it to The Man or something.  RATM’s music is on a label owned by Sony!  And the Christmas #1 seems like a bit of a weird place to rebel against the commercialization of music since that’s what Christmas music has always been.  It’s not like we’re missing out on the good old days when Christmas album compilations were a great avenue for discovering new and upcoming independant bands.

It all reminds me of how Mike used to make fun of RATM fans in highschool because they would listen to music denouncing capitalism while buying $40 band shirts.

EDIT:  Killing In The Name is the UK’s Christmas #1

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  1. yeah, i lol’d at this too. but Edo, you have to remember…it’s raging…against the machine…and the machine is bad…it pollutes the Christmas charts…or something.

  2. Whelp, they actually succeeded 0_o

  3. Amazing what Facebook groups can achieve these days. Rage announced a free concert in London next year as a way of saying thanks. I may have to pay that a visit. I remember Ed Ross getting me into that band. Also I remember when we were doing a school radio programme on RTB I played Bulls on Parade as an interim song.

    Finally – I read Simon Cowell offered these people behind the scheme a job!!

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