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i hate money

my head is swimming with numbers

Days til Prom: 5
Days til i get more money: 28
Money left in my account: 95 pounds

I want to cry, where did all my money go??? I got 400 pounds on wednesday!!! OUUUUCH, my head wants to explode!

Although….i did get a dangerously sexy dress. And shoes. Oh my god, i love my shoes. They have a butterfly on the toes, and straps that wrap round your legs. Man, its refreshing to get the girliness out of me once in a while! At which case i’m gonna rant about why the hell cant guys clean their damn stubble out of the sink after they’ve shaved? I live with three boys as well as Anna. And we’re always constantly out of toilet roll, there’s like a million razors and shaving cream cans in the bathroom, permanent stubble in the sink, and mysterious damp towels on the floor that no one will claim to own. No one wants to do the washing up either, until mould starts growing over the gooey remnants in the coffee mugs. And dont get me started on the toilet…..

I still have the same issues as i did last post. Argh. I’ve seen the guy every single day since we started officially seeing each other. He’s lovely when we’re on our own, but when other people are about we’re constantly teasing and bickering at each other. Ok, this isn’t making a lot of sense, but i’m still getting my head round it. And i noticed, that slowly, he seems to be moving into my room…first there was the toothbrush that made its permanent visit…and then i was cleaning up the other day and found a pile of his clothes next to my wardrobe…Not that i’m complaining, because i really like the guy, and its nice to have a sexy man in your life. Ahhhhh!!!! Fuck it, this is all new to me, i was in a 2 year relationship before, so what do i know?????

Count down till summer holiday starts: 11
Count down to when i have a nervous breakdown: 5 (after prom, the reality of my assignments due in will hit me with a vengeance)

As for my weekend, it was very uneventful. Everybody is too stressed out to bother going anywhere. Friday night, some of my friends went to Fabric to check out the Chemical Brothers, but i opted to stay at home, in front of the telly, in my PJ’s and smoked alot of fags. On Saturday, i decided to be generous and cooked a huge meal for the poor hungover sods who went…while i was cooking i went off on a mini rant, and for no particular reason i went to my room and slammed the door shut. Called John to blow off some steam, laughed at my stupidity and returned to the living room. I ignored the puzzled faces, and carried on eating dinner. CUCKOO!! Sunday was spent as usual, doing nothing. I went to the girl’s house across the road and hung out for a while. I switched the furniture around in my friend Alexis’s room, and left the house as soon as i heard her cry out my name in fury. heehee….

I want my holiday now, with a big fat dollop of ice cream.

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