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World Cup 2014: Brazil vs Croatia




1′  Up at 6 AM to watch the first game of the tournament.  It shouldn’t be difficult to get up for kick off at that time but I still struggled because I love sleep.

3′  Fox Sports camera man enjoying himself in the pre-game coverage


5′  Good to see Mel McLaughlin briefly back covering football.  I wish she was still with Fox Sports and not with Channel Ten 🙁


11′  Hooooooollllllllllllllllllyyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiii-

Croatia 1 – 0
OG Marcelo

Dude has the best ‘who me?’ face


Huge upset on the cards

’29  That didn’t take Brazil long to equalize.  A shot from distance by Neymar doesn’t have much pace on it but it clips the inside of the post and creeps in.


Fat Ronaldo approves


Croatia were good value for their first goal but Brazil have the ascendancy since then.

’50  FatWeb FunFact:  17 players in the Croatia squad are older than the country itself 0_o


’71  Buuuuuuuuulllshiiiiitttt.  The fix is in.

Fred wins a penalty for Brazil by flopping after some light contact by the defender.  He gets up, praises Jesus for rewarding his deception and then Neymar converts a shitty waist height penalty which the keeper gets a hand to.  Not like this, Brazil.  Not like this.


’85  I need to get dressed for work.  Hope I don’t miss any more goals.

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