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World Cup 2014: Germany vs Argentina




The World Cup 2014 has been a wonderful event full of goals, new stars, old stars, upsets, upstarts, controversy and drama.  It’s a tournament that’s given us a little bit of everything (except an Asian team winning a single game).  But all good things must come to an end and this is it.  Germany and Argentina.  Few fans would argue that these two sides don’t deserve to be here.  Germany of course made history with their first half demolition of Brazil in that semi final.  Meanwhile, Messi has been the star that Argentina so desperately needed him to be and he is one game away from assuming a place in Argentinian footballing folklore alongside Maradonna.  Argentina vs Germany.  Messi vs The Machine.  Who will come out on top?

2AM  You have got to be kidding me.  This game starts at 5am?  Why did I think it started at 2?  Goddammit.

5AM  Here we go!  The stage is set.




My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail

5′  Looks like both teams came to play and we won’t have a repeat of that terrible 2010 World Cup final which had 15 yellow cards and no football.

10′  Pretty intense.  Germany with more possession but Argentina creating the chances

20′  A poorly timed back pass puts Higuain clean through on goal with no one near him but he panics and drags the shot wide.  What a chance.

25′  Kramer gets poleaxed, picks himself up and plays on.  Because FIFA are a terrible organization about ten years behind every other sport and they like to pretend that concussion is no big deal.

27′  …pretty awkward

30′  Kramer gets subbed


35′  How tightly are Germany marking Argentina?



BscvhmMIgAAYYwO.jpg large

38′  GOOOOOOOOOOOO–offside.  Poor Higuain 🙁  It was the right call though


44′  Germany hit the post!  That’s the closest chance yet.  It brings the Chancellor to her feet.



As scoreless World Cup Final halftimes go, that was a pretty entertaining 0-0.  Plenty of chances at both ends.  The game has been tight but both teams came to play.  Impossible to pick a winner.  The pressure is immense.

54′  Higuain gets smashed in the face in the penalty area by a flying knee from Neuer.  No penalty given.  In fact, Germany are awarded a free kick.  Huh?

55′  Sweet sun set


57′  Camera man likes it so much he goes back for a second look


62′  Messi has a quick spew


75′  This happened


90′  0-0 and off to extra time we go.  Both teams look absolutely shattered so a goal wouldn’t surprise me.  Don’t ask me who from though.


Not quite according to script.  It wasn’t from Messi, Klose or Muller as you’d expect.

114′  Argentina piling on the pressure in search of an equalizer…

117′  Tic toc…

120′  Messi with one final chance to equalize and have his moment.






And we say farewell to World Cup 2014 with The Hoff


See you in 4 years.

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  1. Lol – great post buddy. Super Mario!

  2. That looks like such a rad celebration. When the Brisbane Roar win the Premieres Plate and have a party, about 300 people turn up and we usually have to listen to our mayor who doesn’t know anything about football present them with an award.

    Last time, he called our Brazilian player Henrique ‘Henry’. 🙁

  3. Vancouver Whitecaps are looking better and better with our young team too. Fiercely competitive.

    Hoping for a playoff spot this season and lets see how far they can go! You see Toronto FC have Defoe leading the attack now eh, big swoop for Canadian ‘soccer’.

    Vancouver lost Kenny Miller recently but hes a bit over the hill…

    The stadium gets at least 20k supporters every home game…and neighbours Seattle get almost 40k every game, they have Clint Dempsey and that Martins bloke who used to play for Newcaste…

    I feel Vancouver need a marquee signing and this could put they truly on the map in the MLS…and the city which is dominated by Ice Hockey still.

  4. I looked up the MLS on Wikipedia and man the West Coast division is so much stronger than the East. The Whitecaps are outside the playoffs in the West but they would be third if they were in the Eastern conference 0_o

    Good to hear the crowds are so good. Makes such a difference to the atmosphere. The Roar are slowly working their way up to a 20k average but unfortunately we play in a 52k stadium. We need a smaller venue.

  5. Yah and the World Cup was huge here – a fresh injection of support, Obama phoned Tim Howard to say congrats after his ‘Epic’ performance vs Belgium. This speaks volumes.

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