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Monday Night Wars II

Have you read about the latest news in wrestling?

Have you read about the latest news in wrestling?

Tomorrow is a huge day in the professional wrestling industry.  For the first time in a decade, there will be two competing wrestling promotions running live shows on Monday at the same time!  Its the Monday Night Wars II!

In one corner, you’ve got the WWE who are running a New Year show featuring Bret “The Hitman” Hart returning for the first time in 12 years and in the other corner, you’ve got TNA who are promoting their show with the debut of Hulk Hogan.  There’s talk that both shows may also pull out all the stops to win over viewers by bringing in some surprise guests, like Jeff Hardy.  It will be a surprise since he got arrested earlier this year for being a drug dealer and faces a possible long term prison sentence!

Hope you dudes take the time to check out the shows.  It cant all be about UFC with their fancy unchoreographed fighting and man-hugs in the middle of the Octagon Brought To You By Bud Light.

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  1. I am not convinced that bret hart and hulk hogan will sway me from UFC. I mean they are very old now and can’t do anything athletic anymore. Wrestling is scrapping the barrel now for ratings.

    I like you future post below – will comment when I am home again.

  2. I actually like both WWE and UFC. WWE is probably one of those habits I won’t shake since I’ve watched the shows for twenty years now. Plus, I’m actually pretty happy with the quality and direction of the show these days. Despite the Bret stuff, it predominantly features a more youthful cast of characters and has reverted to simple storytelling without too much trashy shit.

    UFC is fun to watch but I don’t really have any people here to watch the shows with and since I’m not really a fan of any particular fighter, I just watch for the spectacle whenever I remember there’s a PPV on and everyone now and then I’ll go ‘oh, I remember that dude’.

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