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Easy now.

Sorry to disapoint, but due to the serious lack of funds in my bank account, Saturday night was WELL BORING! But Sunday was okay. Sunday was a wholesome day. Me and my friends went to the pub down the road for a sunday dinner. We ate, drank, had dessert and talked alot. Mostly about life plans after uni, and then we got distracted when Viren was telling us how in India you have to give eunuchs money when they crash your wedding otherwise you look like a tight ass. And if you dont they’ll flash you their missing bits. Man, that sounds crazy. While all of this was going on, my friend Alexis was filming it all. Something about a video diary.

Speaking of video diaries, i’ve noticed that as you get older you start to identify with different movies. I watched that movie Singles on telly last night. And i was like…man. That’s us soon. And then i remembered Reality Bites. And again, i was like…man…thats us. What happened to the clueless days of Clueless, or Dazed and Confused? *poof*

After the sunday dinner, i got home and crashed in front of the telly yet again. My flat mates Mikie and Anna were play fighting yet again, about him leaving shaving cream in the sink. All hell broke loose, when they started shaving cream wars with one another. Being the dork that i am, i yelled out that i wasnt getting involved. And before i knew it i had shaving cream all down my back and in my hair, and i was chasing Mikie down the corridor with talcum powder in my hand as a weapon. I powdered his bed. He smooshed shaving cream down my bedroom door and through the keyhole. I went back to watching TV again, but after half an hour the smell of shaving cream was making me feel really nauseous so i had to run away and shower before i made myself sick. I was drying my hair later on and i put on Growing On Me by The Darkness (if you have not yet heard this band, what planet are you from. Go get it. They are awesome awesome awesome) and pranced in front of the mirror Demi Moore stylie in Strip Tease. Little things can be made fun.

Tomorow night, we’re having another classic Propaganda outing for Hannah’s birthday. I have to borrow money just to make it. What a downer. And my folks get back tomorow…this makes me happy for two reasons:

1) Parents equal money trees
2) DADDY!!!!!

I am daddy’s little girl. I’m contemplating making Rob meet him ‘accidently’. But that would be a bit mean. It was scary enough for him when i gave him 10 minutes warning that my mum was coming over back in June. That was fun in a cruel way. This is where you picture me rubbing my hands with glee.

Posted by Angela @ 11:22 PM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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Rob is back? I thought he was in Hong Kong or something.

Posted by Edo @ 09/09/2003 06:46 AM AST

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