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Lots of chibai

I got my first report card back today for English. I have done nothing literally, no homework with the exception of reading 1984, mind you I didnt finish it.

My grade was an A, what the hell. I did nothing to deserve that A, compared to my last school where my work effort deserves a D. Man, it just shows how much of a bitch A-levels are, so haha to Dan, Sam and the Bangkingz people still doing A-levels.

School dance last night, it was cool. Lots of smoking, drinking and **** and dancing. I was searched for alcohol and drugs before entering, what a psycho school.

Hey listened to samples of the new Greenday album, promising from what I heard. The new radiohead album is number 1 here in Canada so that may be worth checking out.

Oh yeah shout out to Marcus in Melbourne, hope you dont get kicked out of school.

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