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World Cup Quarter Finals Part TWOOOO

Okay, so I was completely wrong with my predictions for the first two games.  Tonight we’ve got South Africa vs Fiji and Scotland vs Argentina.

South Africa vs Fiji
South Africa are huge favourites to win the tournament now.  But something about that smug cockface Eddie Jones actually being on a winning side after leading the Wallabies to 8 losses out of 9, getting sacked, and then coaching the Queensland Reds for one season where they finished with only two wins for the whole season and then quitting only to be an assistant coach to a World Cup winning team just doesn’t sit right with me.  So I’m gunning for Fiji pulling the upset.  Don’t let me down!

Scotland vs Argentina
Frankly, I hate England, France and South Africa so the winner of this game will determine who should win the whole tournament in my eyes.  The obvious choice is Scotland.

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