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My life…as if you care

I have just got an email from my father telling me that I woun’t be going to Uni next year, I’ll have to take a year out…whether I like it or not. It is so screwed. I had to explain to our “Year Level Co-ordinator” (read slackass), that I didn’t need him to write a personal statement of bullshit about me coz I am fucking off to do Jack Shit for a year as soon as A levels are out of the way…He was not amused but finished the conversation with his usual “Okay, cool”. I could have slapped him.

I have heard rumors of a site similar to the FAT website, being brought up from within the school, aparently using almost the exactly the same format. Wankers. Apparently, so impressed by our astounding webshite, they decided they would form one of their own….I have heard that their slogan is “Just that Little Bit Fatter”…..I will leave decisions on it up to you, but the site is called “Bangkingz

Keeran made their smelly banner.

The school footbal team lost their second match in the same number of games in this university tournament we entered. First match ended 8-1…..With me, the gangster getting the only goal. And the match last night ended 5-0. God we suck.

In the Cd Player: Machine Head – The Burning Red
Their version of “message in a bottle” by the police is awesome

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Sam currently lives in St. Thomas in the Caribbean where he drinks too much rum and is conveniently ignoring becoming an adult.

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