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Retro Post

Time for a retro post!

This time last year I had a mental break down (!). I was getting my mohawk done by this Irish girl Shirley but I was pretty vague about it in the post so it makes me sound very feminine. Apparently I paid 18 dollars to see an Indian band. I have no memory of any of this. The only thing I remember was getting really pissed off with Dan and Brad.

Where are they now?

Brad is in Sydney. I hardly see Dan. We should really hang out more. In fact we were going to arrange seeing a film with Polly but she kinda cut me out of her life (how embarassing).

Here’s your retro post for the day:

19th August 2002

I mentally broke down on Saturday. That was embarassing.

The night started around 7 when I went to get my hair done at Shirley’s. Through some non-chalant planning and last minute venue-changing I had agreed to meet three different people for three different activities. Shirley trimmed my hair. I phoned around and arranged to meet everyone at Amplifier for The Chevelle’s release party (well, except for one guy who I just totally bailed on). Shirley bleached my hair. Instead of using the usual stuff, I got some industrial strenght stuff which burnt my scalp to shit. I got a call from Polly. I was late. Shirley dyed my hair. I rinsed it off too soon and it smooshed all over my face. I had a red-dyed face! And I was late! Shirley laughed and left to watch Vanilla Sky (i guess i got the last laugh there).

I ran in to town (!) and met Polly. Forgot my ID, went home, came back. With the hair dye and the cab rides, the night had cost 30 bucks and I hadn’t done anything yet. Finally met with Dan and Brad at Amplifier. We were going to go to this Indian Rave organized by the guy who managed Bally Sagoo but it cost 18 bucks to get in.

The Chevelles are over a decade-old aging cock rock band. The club was packed out with people who were cool 25 years ago. People in their 40s with leather jackets danced with even older women boogying and woogying without a hint of any r&b or rap influence. It was all head bopping and hip swinging. Pure White Dancing.

The Captain Picaard pinball machine ate my two dollars.

After the show, we went to Polly’s. Or we had coffee and then we went to Polly’s. I can’t really remember. Either way, we ended up back at Polly’s and that’s where I sort of lost it. I wasn’t feeling very good. I was cold and kinda irritated. But stupid Staunch Man Syndrome kicked in and Polly asking me if I was feeling okay repeatedly just pissed me off. I tried to sleep.

The thing was, I couldn’t. I kept needing to pee and I was confused by the completely nonsensical conversation going on in the room. I’m not sure if I was going nuts but I do believe it went something like this:

Brad: (reading some credits listing Joan Cussack) John Cussack plays girls number 2.
Dan: 80’s children anime is good. Like Astroboy (Astroboy was made in the 50s)

a new flash comes on channel v stating Drowning Pool’s lead singer Dave Williams drowned

Dan: who’s Dave Williams? (while the message is still on the screen!!!! this confused me no end)
Brad: he drowned

Brad: i’ve never been injured in 20 years of playing sports

i went to the bathroom. when i come back, Brad is listing the sporting injuries he’s picked up. Well, at least I think he is. Except it seems more like he’s extensively listing body parts. I thought he didn’t get injured?

Keep in mind, I was going kinda funny in the head so there is a possibility None of This Happened. Either way, it was all too much. I was angry that no one made sense and that I felt like shit and it was nearly 6 in the morning and Brad wouldn’t give the remote to Dan so we could just leave it on Channel V and sleep. Instead Brad was watching some really dire television. So I got up and walked out at 6am and went home and slept.

I’m better now though.

I’m going to Shirley’s tomorrow to touch up my hair.

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