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Pat’s New Year (Canada)

To say in one word, i can describe new years as “eventful”. I was supposed to be at about three places including a smoke up session, a dinner and a party in a nearby town.

So being the weirdo I am, I decided to go to the nearby town party. So I get picked up and go there. It takes us ages to get there, finally we get to this long road into the forest. I am definetly suspicious to where to actually are, but we then proceed to walk to this cabin in the woods, theres a few people outside, but i hear music so the party might be happening.

This house was packed, the music was raving and everyone was either drinking, smoking **** or doing some other kinda drug. Me, be being the relative new guy here knew about three people, so I just had some alcohol and spaced out.
I do remember one guy telling me I hadnt shaved and that I cant get head without shaving, I didnt understand him very well.

All in all, a decent new years though, I didnt get to watch Bambi like they did in Brunei which was rather dissapointing though..

On to other subjects, I havent crashed the car yet, even in winter conditions where its all slippery and stuff.
I wonder how this year will go, I will graduate. Hmmmm, I have my grad photo, I will scan it in and post it on the site. The college years then begin….

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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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