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Survivor: The FAT Website Edition Day Four

Day 4

Today everyone had extreme hangovers and Dan had got alcohol poisoning and later died. Pat and Rod laughed again.
The only person who was remotely feeling allright was Timdog who was so used to drinking, the previous day was just like another walk in the park for him. Sam was still sleeping in his pile of leaves/bugs and Jamie was passed out and hadnt moved for the last 24 hours.

Rod was getting tired of the smelly island but was looking forward to the prize of getting to beat up a fat member of his choice. Pat just stole people’s clothes and ran down the beach doing his bastard laugh that has got him beaten up too many times.

About three hours later was the next big challenge and no one was in any condition to do it. It was a contest for three paperclips and a piece of wood. Tim was desperately wanting to win so he could sit on the wood, even though there was wood all over the island. The challenge was to climb a tree and whoever got to the top first would win the prizes. It started and Tim climbed very fast in a time of 65 seconds. Rod didnt know how to climb, Jamie didnt want to climb and Pat didnt like climbing. Sam jumped onto the tree and started humping it with a passion, so he was disqualified.
Tim won the piece of wood and the paperclips. He was so happy that he drunk some sea water.

Person kicked off the island: Sam for humping trees

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