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Survivor: The FAT Website Edition Day Three

Day 3

The wrestling match had sparked lots of anger in the group, mainly directed at Rod for his savage attacks. Dan even went so far to say “I am rather miffed at Rod”.

Tim at this time had ran out of smokes and turned to smoking the local tree leaves. He became ill very soon, whilst Sam was doing lots of work like fishing and finding water to drink.

All this is happening whilst Pat and Rod joined Tim smoking plants. Edo is just chatting to Jamie about Aberdeen and how it is cold there. Mike and Matt being the two people to leave the island were missed by Edo who expressed serious emotions towards both of them. Edo was therefore depressed.

The next challenge involved two people leaving the island, so stakes were high. The challenge was to see who could drink the most Rum, where each person would have a shots each. The first two people to collapse would be dragged off the island.

Very impressively started Dan who confidently drank down shots of Rum. Rod is pro at the game so there was no chance he would loose, in fact all the fat members were good.

In the end, it had to happen and Dan’s confidence at the beginning was all bullshit as he collapsed with froth drooling out of his mouth and his body shaking emensely. Rod and Pat laughed at him. Then surprisingly Edo fainted, he was so drunk he had stripped down to his boxer shorts and was chucking sticks at people.

People to leave island: Edo and Dan who couldnt take all the drinking

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