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Shock me, shock me, shock me, with that deviant behaviour

Pat: the UK isnt that bad. just dont bother venturing out of London. or any city. STAY AWAY FROM THE SUBURBS!….all suburbs are evil.

Summer is strange. Its doing strange things to me, aand my friend’s heads. I went to check out my friend Laura and Hannah’s new house and every time i’ve, i never get any sleep. Anyway, my story about funny heads. Theres this mouse called Jerry, and all week there have been sighting of Jerry in the kitchen. I come round one evening to see the girls watching a four hour video of the kitchen recorded the night before to spot Jerry the Mouse. Hmmm…i giggled at the insanity of this idea. and how everyone in the video has these freaky glowy eyes becuz its done in night vision or something. Very Pure Shores video by the All Saints. Anyway, i sit and watch it, and half an hour later i realise i still am watching the tv screen waiting for a mouse to pop out. i go away and start drinking with the lads instead, and they show me the numerous mouse traps set for it. Hours later, the girls scream from the kitchen.

*dammit, the fire alarm has gone off in here…i’ll ignore it and carry on*

and so Robin and Mark open the cupboard and poor mousy is dead. Very Squished. We bin it. So you see…i dont know if its the weather or what, but it does strange things to people. Mouse obsessions. what is wrong with me? Get a job!! i’ve even written an update about this poor squished mouse. RIP Jerry.

I want to live in a big fuck off house too. I’m missing the Notting Hill Carnival to go to Bedford and meet up with old Brunei people (pete, ben and navin, for those that can remember) I bet it’ll rain. Or another mouse will pop out somewhere.

I saw Empire Records over the weekend. I love that movie. Mark Sucks. There was that kick arse scee when Renee Zellweger sings Sugar High with Coyote Shivers. It was good..not on the soundtrack tho, so dont bother. You groupie slut.

On a bizzare note, i had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamt that i was stranded in Brunei with a friend of mine, and that the Sultan of Brunei was trying to perve on us. And then The Osbournes came to rescue us, and Kelly Osbourne and Ozzy were really really nice. So we snuck out of the country with fake passports they gave us and we were free. I dont know why it was such a warped dream. Its not like i eat cheese or anything.

Posted by Angela @ 09:47 PM AST [Link]

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My Penis hurts from watching porn.

Posted by Yanker @ 03/29/2003 11:49 PM AST

My Penis hurts from watching porn.

Posted by Yanker @ 03/29/2003 11:49 PM AST

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