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Pointless update

Who would have thought it would have been Rekishi, that ran over ‘Stone Cold’ Steven Austin? I mean whats up with that? Here’s the full story…

‘Rikishi then grabbed the mic and admitted his guilt. He then said he didn’t do it for himself, that he instead did it for The Rock. He said he saw Austin standing in the parking lot that night and everything flashed in front of his eyes. He said the Federation had always been about the Great White Hope. He said the Federation always held back the “island boys,” including The Rock’s grand father and the Samoans. He said he ran Stone Cold over for The Rock. He said he didn’t expect payback from The Rock, and that Rock didn’t have anything to do with it. Rikishi then said he was proud of the level Rock had achieved, and that he’d run over Austin all over again.’

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