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Money Inc.

Well, the painfully slow transfer to Nathanism is finally complete.  Now comes the arduous task of teaching all the ass-monkeys on the site how to use an FTP program (in hindsight, it would’ve been better planning if I signed up computer literate people for this site).

The Fat Website Company?  We’ve had an offer to turn the FAT website in to a big-ass dot com company, complete with banner advertisements and lots of money for everyone on the site (none for the visitors, naturally).  Check out the full story here.

After hanging with B*Witched, I’ve had this crippling urge to get their album every time I pass a record store.  But I knew I would look like a total dork.  Finally, I broke down.  I stole a copy off a friend. is shutting down soon.  How ironic.

Oh, and I nearly got expelled from school today.  Wow…I feel really rebellious and stuff.

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