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Sex bomb

Ah, the FAT website.  Pioneer of internet trends.  After checking out Pat’s crap FAT Survivor column Robotskull and Stile Project both start their own Survivor spin offs.

Went out last night with Goober and Nadia.  We go to this club.  Immediately, Nadia gets hit on by this seedy looking guy in a leather jacket.  I have hearty laugh at this until she points out that there is this saggy 60 year old Asian woman checking out my ass.  When I look at her she gives a sly grin and puts her hand on her hip, in a sexy pose only its not sexy because she’s A RANCID OLD WOMAN WHO’S OLDER THAN MY MOM!  Goober is self-conscious because he’s the only white guy there.  The Asian woman starts wigging me out so we leave and I make a mental note never to wear this stupid fucking Dickies shirt ever again.

I accidentally deleted Pat’s last update.  From memory he just rambled on about how cool I was.

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