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Back to the daily grind

i’m home again. Its snowy, but sunny. The weatherman is a stupidhead. I raided the news room to grab a sexy new computer…theres a tutors strike tomorow, so my classes got cancelled. This is good, because i oly have two classes this half semester and they fall on tuesday…therefore angela is going to be even more of a lazy bum than usual. I came to uni anyway, to see people. I am moving YET AGAIN. I reckon i hold the record for the number of times i move every year. Its in a funky ass cool flat…i am excited but scared because i dont know how to break the news to my old housemate now. Scaryness.

I reckon i made a booboo with my modules. theres no way i’m meant to have this much free time.

Blaow cow.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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