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Superman is dead

Yesterday at work when they announced that Christopher Reeves died at 52, someone commented that he must have eaten too many fetuses. And everyone burst in to solid laughter for a good couple of minutes. *sheds a tear away* Damn, that was a good episode of Southpark.

I think I’ll watch the Superman DVD sometime soon as a tribute sort of thing to guy. He seemed like a pretty nice dude.

I read in his obituary that he made a speech at the 1996 Academy Awards pleading for more serious films from Hollywood. Likely the reason for this was because Babe was one of the nominations for Best Film.

17 days till GTA: San Andreas!!! cool eh?

We had a party on Saturday and moved Claudia’s double bed in to the lounge. It’s stayed there so nowadays, when I get up from my bed in the morning I go to the lounge and lie right back down in the lounge. Slothy goodness.

Jen has taken to making deep fried Mars Bars as snacks. This Elvis-style Fattening Diet of Doom has rendered my work outs useless!

I had a chat with my parents recently about going back to Brunei at Christmas. I need some feedback from people…whos going back, for how long, and will you guys be there at New Years?

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