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FIFA Womens World Cup 2011 – Australia vs Equitorial Guinea

One thing you have to give credit to FIFA for – they are consistent in their corruption and ability to find the worst referees in the world, no matter the gender of the players in the game.

Equitorial Guinea are a team of some notoriety in the Womens World Cup.  They have been accused of playing men in their side which is one thing, but they have also been rather blatantly fielding players from other countries.  One of their players Vania has played an official game for Brazil.  The reason given by FIFA for not investigating the matter is because ‘it’s up to the opposition to appeal fielding an illegal player.‘  What the hell?

The game between the Matildas and Equitorial Guinea was a hot tempered affair with plenty of fouls from both sides, overseen by the world’s worst referee.  She let the game run completely out of her control by not addressing the dodgy tackles.  Also, there was a passage of play where an Guinean player picked up the ball in the penalty area, held it for two seconds and then rolled it to her goalkeeper.  The referee waived play on.

Behold, the most brazen handball a player will ever get away with in a game of football:

At the end of the day, the Matildas managed to scrape through with the win 3-2, leaving them with a final group game against Norway which they must win to stay alive in the competition.

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