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Youtube Friday: FIFA Womens World Cup Final 2011


Over the last two days Japan and USA both secured their berths in the FIFA Womens World Cup final.

The final, played on Monday morning AET, will be the rubber match between the two dominant forces of the women’s game.  They met in the final of the 2011 World Cup which Japan won.  They crossed paths again in the London 2012 Olympics where USA took the honours.  This third encounter will be not just for the trophy but for the bragging rights between the two sides.

The 2011 World Cup in Germany was the first Women’s World Cup tournament that I watched and it was this epic final that converted me into a full fledged fan.  I think this video does a pretty good job recapping the spectacle.  Enjoy!

EDIT:  Apparently FIFA are jerks and don’t let you embed Youtube video links.  Still, if you click through to the Youtube page, the video still works.

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