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Aberlour 10 Year Old


TYPE Single Malt


REGION Speyside

COLOR Dark amber

NOSE Surprisingly potent, singed my nose hairs a bit.  Not a lot of aroma though.  Just alcohol.

PALATE Salty sea spray, green apple and a hint of toffee.

FINISH Doesn’t really have much of one to be honest.  You get an alcoholic aftertaste but its not particularly flavoursome.


68 out of 100

NOTES I don’t know if I get a defective bottle but after writing up my tasting notes for this Aberlour 10 Year Old, I looked it up online and I’m seeing people talking about tasting vanilla and noting sweet aftertastes.  What the?

This is a rather sour tasting whisky that you have to be in the right mood for.  I can certainly pick up traces of other flavours but the bitterness and strong taste of alcohol makes it difficult to appreciate the more subtle tones.  I enjoyed the Aberlour A’bunadh a lot more than the ten year old.

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