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I’m a smart arse

Right. It works again. I’m in the library typing up my next project on Spike Lee. Its not going so good…it was either choosing to write about him or Margaret Thatcher. Eurgh!! Anyway, i had a good weekend.
I went to Covent Garden and blew all my money on a hooded jumper. And then we went to Hyde Park and fed the ducks. But these ducks were evil. They decided to follow me even though i had no bread left to give them…and i thought pigeons were evil. I dont like pigeons anymore either cuz one pooped on my new shoes. Filthy buggers. Back the ducks…they were waddling in a line like a band of Nazi warriors out to peck me unless i gave them more food. So dont go to Hyde Park to feed ducks…they will gang up together and peck you.

I made a real dinner last night…it wasnt burnt or dry or weird looking. It was simple pasta. I can do pasta. My mum took me shopping yesterday…i bought lots of clothes and food. And she even bought me a top card for my phone, awwwwww. So i feel plentiful and religical. Thats not a word, but it sounds good.

I had this ridiculously stupid lecture about team work today. It was like being back in kindy. We had to match these blobbies to adjectives. I thought there was a catch somewhere…but there wasnt. So now i am feeling quite proud that i got up very early and ran half the way here to match blobbies and words. Hurray for the education system!!

OK…i will go work now. But first i am off to book tickets for that system of a down concert. Sam, u wanna go? Shasha cant make it =[. Bad shasha.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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