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Survivor: The FAT Website Edition Day Two

Day 2

After Matt left the island the tension was up on who would leave next. Matt was still not seen but rumoured to have been spotted humping a coconet tree, but that was Edo speaking so it is likely to be untrue.

Tim was running out of cigarettes as he only brought twenty five packs to the island, but he was still happy. Rod and Edo were playing magic cards whilst Dan and Sam were fighting over a rat they both found. Sam won the fight with a nice blow to Dan’s nuts.

Jamie was cheering up about the dam pigs in Scotland and was hitting trees less in frustration, Mike was depressed about being away from his girlfriend and Pat was just chatting about random bollocks.

The next challenge presented itself though, it was a wrestling contest and the winner was given a tin of beans. It was a royal rumble type match with a crowd consisting of monkeys and other creatures.

The match began and straight away Mike was eliminated by Rod who smashed him in the face with a stick, breaking Mike’s nose in the process. Rod then smashed Jamie and Dan who both left the ring with broken arms.

Edo drop kicked Rod and then put a figure four leg lock on him, meanwhile Sam was smashing Pat with thundering blows in the head yelling “I am not a paedofile”. Soon Pat was out cold and it was down to Rod, Edo, Tim and Sam. Tim managed to bodyslam Rod and eliminate him, he then grabbed Rods stick and cracked it over Edo’s head.

Sam and Tim wrestled it out, but Sam’s Kaling background won it as his smell was so bad Tim passed out. So SAM is the MAN as he won the can of beans, he didnt like beans so he gave them to Pat.

Person kicked off island: Mike as he was depressed and had a broken nose.

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