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Finally. Frog pills!

I‘m thinking that my jam addiction has returned. Sticky.

I suppose if I can’t really remember what I’ve been doing, it’s not worth mentioning. Went to see Infernal Affairs on saturday, at the cinema in Covent Garden, then grabbed food at Wagamama’s and then went to Bunker for a few drinks. Nice Day Out. It snowed a little. In the cinema, we had no choice but to sit near the front row, my head was caning by the end of it. And trust the only man with the biggest baldest head in the world to sit in front of me, so i had to keep swaying in my seat to read the subtitles properly. Those heads should come with a warning.

Watched Amores Perros the other day too, it’s good. Sort of Pulp Fiction-like in the way it splices up the plot. And there are alot of dogs too. Don’t watch it if you get queasy easily. Actually do, it’ll be good for you. Lots of dead dogs, blood, and whiny women with broken legs.

I got into a ‘fight’ during Battle of the Uni’s on Thursday. The place was packed with pure rudeness, and by the time the same creepy pervert pinched my arse (we’re talking total grabbage of the cheek) for the fifth time after i had already told him where to go, the She-Ra in me gave him an almighty push and he switched on me. But I am hardcore, and he got chucked out. I have the union hook-up, you can’t mess with me baby! Anyway, let me deflate my ego a little. Other than that, it wasn’t a bad night. South Bank won, but they weren’t good. The guy was mc’ing about Rosa Parks and sitting at the back of buses…me and the goose were heckling what did he know about sitting on the back of the bus, it was a good 30 years ago!

Had an Oscar challenge on Sunday night, who could sit through all 5 hours of the ceremony. Me and Rob managed it. We are hardcore. The lack of sleep from the night before must have scrambled my already mushy brain and i had a crazy episode yesterday. Stormed out of Rob’s house swearing my head off for no reason. I just switched into a foul mood, unprovoked. And I couldn’t cross the road, it just wasn’t happening, I nearly got run over about 3 times. So then Rob called me to see what trip i was won, and then i went home drank some orange juice, and i was fine. Call me cuckoo.

Planning a party for next week. It’s Lex’s birthday this Thursday so we’re baking her a lesbian cake. She’s not a lesbian, but we keep telling her she is. The Goose is being auctioned off on Friday, so we have to go to that to make sure that no one minging tries to buy her and also so we can laugh at her heaps. Watched a documentary last night about the German weirdo who ate his lover. He looks so German. Like what a German man shuold look like.

I think this post is quite offensive today. i’m being racialist and sexualist!

I have to go buy a dinosaur now. It’s for a good cause.

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