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what the hell happened to…well, everyone except Matt? Where’d everyone go all of a sudden? Did I miss a memo?

This weekend my favourite author read my work and linked to my article (the Spy Report on Jim Goad). What did YOU do?

A little late for this but I like to write about what I did on the weekend.

On Friday, Polly and I hit the town for some Perth nightlife (woo!).

I became addicted to the pinball machine in Fuel bar. My first ball got lodged stuck in one of the bonus holes and after tilting the machine back and forth and giving it a sound beating, it gave me plenty of extra goes for my $2.

There was some band playing to help the cause for Afghan refugees. No one knows why. I mean they even had a sausage sizzle thing going at the back. They were selling them for like a dollar and there must’ve been about 60 people in the bar. I hope the Afghans can buy something neat with their sixty dollars. Like one Nike shoe or something.

Erin called me from Adelaide on her cell phone and told me she was alone in a bus stop and directing a play (but not in the bus stop). She went to watch some French movie and then sat in a bus stop at midnight for a full hour waiting for the last bus. She called me to pass time. I guess she hadn’t heard that The Guardian labelled Adelaide as one of the most dangerous cities in the world and filled with sex offenders and AFL supporters. Excellently, she recommend lemon flavored tea to me as the Drink of Champions. She was right. It tastes terrific! That Earl Grey guy is the shit.

It only recently occured to me that although Erin is quite a bit younger than me, she gives me a lot more advice and influence than the other way around. Erin also talked to Polly for a second in a weird meeting of Girls Who Shape Who I Am.

Its prom season isn’t it? Anyone got any good stories from Jess or Kate?

Happy Birthday Sophie! I hope I got my timing sort of right on this one.

On Saturday I went to absurd lengths to watch The Devil’s Backbone. A train trip, a walk in a thunderstorm and a waaay too expensive cab ride there and back plus the cost of tickets meant I spent about 30 dollars to watch this film, have my wallet molested and catch hypothermia. It’s a nice film though. It’s sort of Exorcist meets Spanish Home Alone.


Sunday…what the hell did I do on Sunday? I bought a brown t-shirt.

Today Dan told me it will cost Spy Magazine $40,000 to keep it on the current server with the traffic we get. Thats really shit. It looks like I will have to change servers after all.

I’m wearing my brown t-shirt now.

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