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what a great episode of buffy. this show gets better everytime i watch it. just when you think eveyrthing’s going to be happy and nice…someone throws a spanner in the works and fucks things up. i do however, dislike the fact that they’ve written spike out of the show for a while. he is cool. though at least when he comes back it seems he will be his evil old self again.

i had an argument with the dude at my comics store the other day. he reckons blade is the only true vampire slayer. bah. what a nonce! buffy could kick balde’s sorry ass any day. woah. i must be really tired to be writing this garbage.

got jassa and josh coming over tomorrow from adelaide. should be fun. we’re going to put together jassa’s cdep which he is kindly letting us release on our label. it shall rock. the tomorrow night we’re off to jess’ to meet up with a bunch of folks from JIS.

only 2 more days until new comics day. sweet.

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