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just got back from a show down the road at the corner hotel. it was ok. PBS radio benefit. 15 motherfucking bucks a ticket. jeez. some good bands played, Mach Pelican, the Spazzys…and some others…i don’t remember…

anyways…the obscene price was made up for by this crazy guy standing at the back of the hall…and he had brought his own half-sized acoustic guitar…and he was playing along to ALL the songs…even the fucking inbetween bands songs…and this is for a good 13 bands! fuck. what a legend. he had is shades on and was totally rocking out, with all the moves…and he was taking bows after the songs and all. he was seriously better then some of the bands actually playing.

i hope he makes regular appearences

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Mike currently lives in Dubai where he spends his time updating his twitter feed more often than keeping current with this far more thoughtful blog. sorry.

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