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Not 57 reasons for living in Brunei. You know, its funny.

Almost everyone (alright, fine, everyone) I know has the opinion that Brunei is somewhat….boring. Lacking in the social department. Dull.

What people don’t realise are the things that make Brunei so unique, and hence…interesting? Heaven forbid. Humorous? Unlikely. Exciting? Yes, that’s definitely pushing it a little, but, hey, it makes for interesting reading.

Take this guy for example. Steve. A Yank who’s realised that there’s a wholly different world in the form of Brunei, and that he finds it amusing. Not only this, he has meticulously noted down exactly what he finds amusing or humorous. Sad? Maybe. A no-lifer? Most definitely. But that’s not the point. He’s managed to look through the obvious and find the little quirks that makes Brunei different from Western countries in general (alright, maybe just the US).

In fact, it was quite amusing to many of my friends in Australia who had only heard of this country through rumour and story to hear about what I get up to in this country. Sexual harassment from he-she cross-dressers, and friends of mine being flashed by wrinkly old women proved to be most amusing in this case. It’s not that these people find this sort of activities humourous. It’s just that it’s something they’ve not faced before, something that they wouldn’t find in their own country of residence, and something that’s never happened to them before.

I’ve got six months left in this country. Once I get past the hideously mind-numbing and mundane activities of school and other such academia, I’m going to become as sad and deprived as this guy Steve, and talk about how great this country is, and how much it’ll be missed.


By the way, there’s a good question posed in the forum. Are there any female hookers in Brunei? And if there aren’t, what would you call the he-she’s that roam the streets of Brunei Hotel? Man-whores? She-gigolos?

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