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Free Comic Day

I don’t read many comic books any more.  I used to be a pretty avid reader when I was a kid and then for a brief time during the early 2000s but nowadays, I’ve whittled down to just a couple – I keep up with the new trades of Fables and The Walking Dead and thats about it.  These are usually released in 6-8 month intervals so I’m normally only picking up comics once or twice a year at most.

Having watched the recent Avengers film, it got me pining for some Marvel superhero stuff, the kind that I used to read as a kid.  Sadly, I couldn’t find any in my home.  I’m not sure what happened but somewhere along the way when I moved houses in Brisbane, I must have chucked out all my old Marvel stuff.  I didn’t have a single Marvel comic left!

I went to the comic store on the weekend and was greeted with a line out the door.  As it happened, I had inadvertantly gone during Free Comic Day.  It was worth the wait though as I got a dozen old Marvel comics for a buck each, four free comics and a healthy discount on four Joss Whedon Astonishing X-Men trades.

Most of the Marvel single issue comics have pretty terrible storylines but I like the artwork.  As for the Whedon stuff, its like reading the storyboards for the Avengers film.  The quips, wisecracks and one liners are almost exactly the same.  In short, exactly what I was looking for.

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