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Brett and Ange’s Wedding

Jen and I just returned from a long weekend away in Palm Cove, in Far North Queensland, where we attended the wedding of our friends Brett and Ange.  I first got to know Brett through work and his upbringing was one of those thats not too disimilar to people associated with TFW.  He spend time in his teenage years and early twenties growing up in South East Asia – Thailand, to be specific.  Something about that upbringing seems to almost invariably bring about a common bond and instant kinship with people.

The wedding party was a small, intimate affair with just forty people or so.  It had a nice international flavour to the proceedings.  People made the trip from Hong Kong, Singapore and interstate to be there.  Most people spent the better part of a week in Palm Cove.  It’s a terrific location to get away from it all.  It’s got a warm tropical climate and the entire town is comprised of resorts and nice places to eat.  All the locals are super friendly and we passed the daytime relaxing by the poolside and the nights eating well and having a few drinks with the other wedding goers at the local RSL.

Now that we’re back in Brisbane, it’s back to business as usual.

Well…not quite.  I’m going to start looking around at buying my first car and we’re seeing a mortgage broker as we’re getting closer to our plans for buying our first home.

Getting old.  Doing grown up stuff.  That’s me.

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