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Update, schmupdate, frupdate, krupdate

Had a prety crazy last couple of days.

On Thursday I went to a secret Ataris show at a bar downtown. They didn’t tell anyone they were playing so it was a big suprise…of course, everyone there knew they were playiong but getting to see them play to like 100 people was cool.

I met Joey and the big scary guy from Lagwagon there, they were nice. After the show we were invited backstage and drank some ataris beer and did some ataris lines. At about 3am, left that bar and went over to a buddy’s house called Jonathon. We drank more there, talked shit, and had a big Alkaline Trio singalong with an acoustic. Good times. Came back to mine at about 6am, and was up at 9 to move my car so I didn’t get a ticket.

3 hours of sleep is all you need right?

Kids, cocaine is bad.

Last night I got wasted at one of my apartment block neighbors house. Played some drinking games and sucessfully polished off two handles of vodka and southern comfort…

I have not been this hungover in months. I feel like I should be dead. I have already puked twice today. I think tonight will be a quiet one in…


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