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Mandjurah Rock City

I spent the weekend down in Mandjurah for the worst film festival of all time. A friend of mine was having her film screened so we went down just to see it. But the other four hours of film were sheer hell. I think they had some sort of rule about having 1/4 of the films come from high schools or something because there were some absolute shockers. Out of focus, overexposed, shot on home video. There were only a couple that were so bad that they were good: Dogs At A Tea Party and hilariously pretentious student film asking rhetorical cliche questions about the meaning of life (‘why is the sky blue…is the glass half empty or half full…chicken or the egg?…).

Saw Bruce Almighty afterwards. It was ok I guess. ** stars from me.

Then went bowling. Marvellous.

We spent the night in this terrible little chalet. Think of a prison cell. Remove the toilet and the awesome security. That is our chalet. We had horrible little bunk beds and no tv and nowhere to sit. I read Harry Potter to the girls at night and then we went to bed. The girls are 24 and 25 years old. I felt a little silly.

I’m 200 pages in to Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix and am very happy with it. I’ll wait till I finish reading the whole thing before posting in the forum about it.

Spent a good deal of Sunday lying in Denise and Mcgee’s lounge. It was raining outside and we had a fire going. That was really nice. Mel prepared a roast for dinner. Mmmm….

Watched a documentary about beatboxing at night and then went to visit Mcgee at her work. Her colleagues now probably think I’m a bum. I’ve been there like 5 times in the last two weeks and haven’t ever ordered anything there. Not even a coffee or nothing. She looked pretty tired and sick of it all. She gets off work today so that’s pretty sweet. The Hulk is out in a few days too so we can get in to giddy comic fanboy (and girl) mode and get hyped up for it.

I’m off to Brunei next Wednesday.

Happiness is being on holiday with no assignments with lots of friends and lots of things on and enough money to get around doing all this stuff you’ve been planning for months.


Posted by Edo @ 05:27 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

tehe, edo is happy again!

Posted by Matt @ 06/24/2003 12:52 AM AST

i need a fucking holiday.

Posted by mike @ 06/23/2003 10:40 PM AST

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