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Catching Up

Hey Everyone.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper post. I’ve been busy soaking up the last of my holiday. And as my flatmate Kolitha pointed out, its actually my *last* holiday. After this I gotta get a full time job and stuff. Yikes~!

So I came back from Brunei and the house was a total mess. This happened the last time I came back from Brunei in January. Last time, I camped out at Polly’s for like a week because I couldn’t be bothered to clean up my flatmates mess. Since that wasn’t really an option this time (I can barely get Polly on the phone), it was off to Mcgee and Denise’s house.

The next few days I just watched all the DVDs I picked up in Brunei and ate all this real nice food that the girls made for me. Being pampered rules.

My birthday was on last Sunday. I turned 21! So on the Saturday, I was invited over by Mcgee to spend the night. She was working a ten hour shift before she got home so she was pretty exhausted. In fact, she wasn’t even there when I got to her house. But she left a note for me:

Dear Edo,

Tonight you get a proper bed…as you are the birthday boy I hereby donate my bedroom to the final night of your 20th year. NO EXCUSE OR GENTLEMANLY TYPE BEHAVIOUR LIKE NOT UTILIZING THIS OFFER OK! – See you tonight! (see how clean my room is and everything)

Love Mags

Gentlemanly behaviour? Who was she kidding? Like I would turn that down. In her (immaculately clean) room, on the bed, was a signed copy of Thieves and Kings for evening reading. Awesome.

The next morning, more suprises: She had gotten up extra early and made me a champagne breakfast With sliced melon, strawberries, smoked salmon and cocktail glasses and everything!! It was amazing. Denise and this other girl Louise also got me presents too. Mcgee gave me a journal as another gift. I opened it up and it was filled with her handwriting. She had written a whole book of her favourite poems and excerpts from her favourite books for me. In between this she had pasted in all these pictures and everything. It was amazing. It must’ve take ages to make.

So colour me happy for an awesome 21st birthday.

On Sunday, I had a birthday dinner. We went to some swanky pizza place in a flashy part of town and gourged ourselves. Good stuff. A friend of mine, Laura, a fashion design student, also turned 21 just two days before and she came by as well.

I started my last semester of university today. I was pretty excited to see everyone again although my actual units are pretty weak. Only one film unit and the rest are really throw-away elective classes like PR and Marketing.

Sadly, my flatmate seems to be having some girlfriend problems. He recently helped her and stayed with her through some pretty tough times (sexual assault, family feuds and eating disorders) and she told him she suddenly feels ’emotionally unfulfilled’. Personally, I think considering that he steered her clear of causing permanent harm to herself and eased the tension between her and her mother, that she’s being a little UNREASONABLE but hey, my flatmate seems to think he can work it out so more power to him.

Back to uni today. Holidays over. That means getting back in to routines. Like working out! Woo!

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Your friend McGee sounds like a real sweetie.

Posted by Dee @ 07/28/2003 05:13 PM AS

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