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I just inhaled coco, hehe, sugar high

I had some weird dreams last night. Actually, I have been a lot lately. but last night it was real random. It was one of those long windy dreams that would probably never end if it weren’t for alarm clocks. I was with Camilla and two of my cousins and we were driving around to different clubs, dancing, having a good time. And I knew something bad was going to happen… we were driving, following a friends car I think, and a bus just took us out from the side. And there was the crash, we felt the impact and heard the crunching of metal for a split second and it just went black. And it was like we went up to heaven or something but all four of us were in this dream world (a dream in a dream) and we got told that three out of the four of us were going to have died while one could have survived and between us, we had to choose who would live. I’m not sure who we chose but I guess it wasn’t me because afterwards we saw what would have happened if we’d remained on earth. And the bus was scary. It was a like a bus of doom that’s sole purpose was to take people’s lives. I hate buses.

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