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Gossiping in the library. We love to gossip. Gossip about the night before at Area and other random facts. What a way to kill time.

Area was alrite. It has fallen in the stakes of being a legendary place to get razzled, and for an end of term thing, it was a poor turn out. Some crap Busted tribute band played for a while, but it was just three kids and their dad’s playing. Anyone not sober was heckling them. I felt so sorry for them, but only cuz they couldnt have been more than 16 and you just can’t pick on other people’s dads, thats downright dirty. Everything seemed soooo hilarious last night too. I dont know why, i wasn’t stoned, i wasnt even really drunk. Its a crack in my sanity.

My parents left the other day for Brunei. I didnt see them much while they were out here. I’m a terrible child. They tell me that they are seriously contemplating the idea of buying me a flat and when i get a decent job i can take over the mortgage. I think they’re insane. Rob and I juggled the idea of moving in together, but the thought scared us off and we stopped with that idea. I cant be 21, with a mortgage and a live in boyfriend just yet. I’m sure that sort of thing is reserved for your late twenties? Mind you, i practically live with Rob anyway. But a mortgage?!

I have no desire to return to Brunei. I can’t take more than a few hours with my parents anymore before i feel the need to return to my own space, my friends have left Brunei anyway, and the thought of dossing around at home or driving around from one dull place to another no longer appeals to me. In other words, i feel like i’ve grown out of it.

I’m just a love machine.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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