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I Want To Be Pretty In Pink

Let’s see…

These past few days I have been a fairly busy little girl. Went to the bar with just Anna and we drank and people watched. I introduced her to Kensai so she didnt think i was just talking to some random crazy french boy. Ali, the crazy guy who hollers Netball at me was there. He pretended to shoot hoops into the air a grand total of four times at me. On Saturday I went to a party…it was good. I got home at half five in a foul mood though, and had a massive row with Anna. It was our first EVER. Barry had to keep the two of us apart and then i kicked everyone out of my room. Ten minutes later Anna came back in in floods of tears and apologised. So the drama only lasted a few minutes. Still…I can sulk for the world, so i havent been at home very much since then.

On Sunday night i was at Luan’s just hanging out. And last night we baked loads of cakes for no particular reason. Boredom is a good enough one i suppose. We made a yellow and pink one and gave it to the boys across the road. Most of the icing ended up on my face though, thats what happens when you’re bored too. I think i have failed to mention that me and Rob are back together. Done it. Anyway, watched Donnie Darko. I liked it, even though it made poor Villain frustrated at why it had to be so confusing. Then Rob came over and we all just sat in the kitchen with mugs of tea and cake like old people do.

Watched the first two episodes of the new series of Friends. Very funny.

And now…i am here. Still sulking in my own little way. My sister’s cat died. They’re gonna cremate it.

Pat called me the day he arrived. We had fun chatting, and i told him to just run up the phone bill anyway. No plans for the rest of the week…how dull. Refreshers Ball is being held at Ministry this year, most people i know are boycotting it, but they say this now. Ministry is a dive. However, where there is raz, there is us.

It was supposed to snow today. Like, the whole country was expecting some kind of freak blizzard like last year. This morning i wake up with the sun shining in my face and not a cloud in sight. Shoot the weatherman!

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