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The Doppleganger Effect

I consider myself a skeptic… however, i have to say that i am swaying towards the whole belief in a doppleganger theory. A couple of days ago i was on a tram and i noticed someone that looked real similar to my ex-girlfriend… it was made so much better at the fact that i noticed in her CD wallet she had every single Iron Maiden album!! woo! although I think she was crazy, cause a few minutes later she started yelling at my brother for no real reason at all… heh, same personality as my ex too!
My theory was further backed up when i saw someone last night that was an exact replica of Tom… only with beard. does tom have a beard?… if not, he should.

Speaking of which, last night was real fun. we were sick with being cooped up in the house all day so we decided to head out to the city.. we then managed to stumble across a pub that had The Real McKenzies playing… so we went there and watched and drank the night away. Goodtimes. Thats what i like about melbourne compaired to other places that i’ve lived, you can just stumble across a pub, where a band that you like are playing and you didnt realize were on tour. (the lead singer of the McKenzies looks like John McInnes! … further proof!)

I’ve been busy recently taking Edo out and showing him what i know of Melbourne so far… funny enough i seem to know more about melbourne than Mike does… go figure.

WrestleMania weekend… hope your practicing your “Wooo!”‘s

And Finally: MASSIVE happy 18th birthday loving goodness sent to Erin! (it was yesterday but the site was down) yay… that makes every member of this site legal age! woo!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend..


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