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A Weekend In Melbourne for PAX Aus 2013

For my birthday weekend, Jen bought me tickets to the inaugural Penny Arcade Expo in Australia which ran for 3 days in Melbourne.  It was the brainchild of Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, co-creators of the hugely popular online comic strip Penny Arcade, who wanted to create a version of E3 that was always accessible to the general public (E3 ...

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The Melbourne F1 Weekend

I just came back from a ridiculously great weekend trip down in Melbourne.  It was arranged through a sales competition at work which my brother-in-law Dom won by a handy margin.  The prize was an all expenses paid trip to Melbourne which included an invite to the McLaren F1 VIP party.  Dom very kindly agreed to take me along. I ...

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The Doppleganger Effect

I consider myself a skeptic… however, i have to say that i am swaying towards the whole belief in a doppleganger theory. A couple of days ago i was on a tram and i noticed someone that looked real similar to my ex-girlfriend… it was made so much better at the fact that i noticed in her CD wallet she ...

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