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The Melbourne F1 Weekend

I just came back from a ridiculously great weekend trip down in Melbourne.  It was arranged through a sales competition at work which my brother-in-law Dom won by a handy margin.  The prize was an all expenses paid trip to Melbourne which included an invite to the McLaren F1 VIP party.  Dom very kindly agreed to take me along. I ...

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I’m on a boat!

This Saturday I scored myself a spot on an island hop tour around the Caribbean and seeing as I had never been to any other islands around here, I jumped at the chance. After some bloody marys to ease the night before we got underway at 10am and were soon at full plane to the British Virgin Islands. First was ...

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Aberdeen…there’s snow on the ground


Been in Aberdeen now for a couple days and theres now snow on the ground giving me a nice reminder of Canada. I guess if i am not at home, this place is the next best for xmas time. On friday night, my grandparents know a bunch of 21 year old student nurses. So one came over and picked me ...

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I did walk 500 miles

Meeting people… thats what all this backpaking is about. So i thought i’d take it upon myself to go out to see some jazz with next door neighbour Alex. It seemed harmless enough, despite me feeling that i would rather be cuddled up in bed. little did i know how much that would be true later on in the night. ...

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The Cost of Living

It occured to be last night that if I want to buy a videogame now, it will cost ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Why the hell do videogames cost so much? You only ever finish 20% of games you own (source: Edge #132), most of them have horrible dialogue (source: any of the cut scenes in Max Payne), 99% of them are ...

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