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Get down, happy people

Talk about a brain fart, what exactly have I been doing lately? Honestly…I sat down to write stuff and then i’m like…what was I gonna say again? Idiot.

I didn’t make it to my lecture today, but i have promised myself that I’ll go tomorow. It just didn’t seem worth getting up for. My early morning logic is a very bad influence on me. I can convince myself to stay in bed for the stupidest reasons. But today i just went ‘nah’ and turned my phone off. Got up at two, ate jam, smoked cigarette, left the flat and now i am here. So simple!

There is an imposter on this campus. Apparently i have a lookalike, and she has been sighted by my friends Luan and Louise. When i walked out of my room this afternoon, Anna and Mikie looked puzzled and said they swore they saw me walking down the street earlier. I roared and threatened to hit her with my umbrella is she stepped anywhere near me. Stupid girl…i’m not sulking. I just don’t like copy cats.

I want chicken wings.

Anyway, Pat and John came here on Sunday to hang out. Unfortunately Acoustic night has been reduced to a bunch of depressive wannabes warbling out their sadness, so i feel like i let them down a little. Whatever happened to the acoustic nights that were filled with laughter and fun?!! Raah, I’ve been here too long! Check out bitter veteran me! But yeah, Pat got sick. Hah. I will leave him to fill in the story.

I’m just so annoyed with myself. I feel like I should be more ‘dedicated’ and all that stuff. I’m just one big human floater at the moment. I just want to flick my own ears and shout at myself, which I have done a couple of times in the kitchen at home, but everyone just puts it down to nicotine withdrawals. Work, i must work!! I guess this is me at my most Gollum like mood.


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