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The Black Sabbath Tribute Update

The Spencer Tracy music video shoot starts in a couple of weeks! We’re not sure what we’re going to do with the video yet but the general idea might be to go for having the shoot in a bingo hall filled with old people and just filming their reactions. Old people are quite entertaining. They smell of wee and fall over a lot.

Did I tell you about the skateboarder kid at university? I saw this the other day before my Public Relations tutorial. This kid on a skateboard was cruising along and he ollies perfectly over this little concrete block. He has complete control and looked pretty slick doing this. He then gets off his skateboard to go to class, tucks it under his arm and as he’s walking along, he trips over his own feet. It was quite ironic. It reminded me of that Alanis Morrisette song, Ten Thousand Spoons.

I hate being twenty. I’m too conscious to do some of the things I used to do. I loathe going to all-age music shows now because there’s usually kids there that are HALF A DECADE younger than me there. They look all angry and angsty. But I’m too young to hang out with people who are 20something and not 20nothing. Most people in their twenties I know have jobs and spend 200 dollars when they go to a restaurant because they have complicated wine and can afford it and going to restaurants are a special occasion because they are busy with work, family and having a life.

I really empathised with the old rocker who I saw talking to a lady in a cafe in town. The guy was wearing a leather jacket, ripped jeans and had big long hair. He was talking about a Black Sabbath tribute gig he went to on Friday night in Northbridge.

Old Rocker: “I couldn’t believe it man. I was the only cool guy there. No one else had a leather jacket! They all had short hair and wore t-shirts with Ozzy Osbourne! Then the first band comes out and they have a drum machine! Man, I couldn’t believe it, man. A Black Sabbath tribute and they have a drum machine! The kids there, danced to the music like…like…it was techno. There were kids in there who weren’t even watching the bands. Instead, they’re playing on their mobile phones! I couldn’t believe it.”

I can’t begin to imagine how horrifying it must be when the thing you love evolves and moves on and changes beyond recognition. When another generation comes and apes what used to belong to you and makes it their own, leaving you with nothing.

I bought the Reservoir Dogs: Tenth Anniversary DVD and I couldn’t feel like a bigger prat/nerd/freak (take your pick). The man in the store picked out and gave to me the DVD with Mr White on the cover. I sheepishly asked him if I could have Mr Pink (Steve Buscemi) or Mr Brown (Quetin Tarantino). Mr White sucks! He gave me a Mr Pink.

The other day, the thought occured to me that maybe I should try looking for a girlfriend again but then I’m possibly in the saddest state right now that I probably wouldn’t take the rejection well. I’m not motivated, I don’t have a job and I don’t have a car. Besides, its the time of year that good videogames, music and dvds come out so I’ll probably be staying in a lot more thus completely nullifying my chance for meeting any girl.

Tomorrow, I have no plans.

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be mean to the little piss ants. heeehee, yaaaaaaaay!

Posted by angela @ 09/30/2002 10:30 PM AST

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