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Good Stories

So i was talking to my friend in England about an incident that happened the other day involing one of my friends bands from Norwich, Bleed13, and the internationally known Lost Prophets:

So apparently Bleed13 were up in Leeds playing at some show when they managed to blag some free backstage passes for a LP gig… Whilst hanging around backstage and hangingout with the prophets, they were engaged in a dare to drink their own piss (which they did) and after that stick a banana up their asses (a lost prophet banana not a Bleed13 banana). how degrading. however they were the ones with the last laugh as they ended up stealing the LP’s hair dryers and hair straightners and running away down the street with the Prophets and there road crew chasing them yelling… some people just take hair care TOO seriously.

haha.. great story! funny thing is that it is true. infact the Prophets even wrote about it in there weblog. I laughed, twice. So Robin and Chris, if your reading this.. here’s one for you guys! WOO!

and Jassa, give slammy one for me bro!


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  1. We should’ve seen the signs

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